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Frequently Asked Questions

If the question you need answering isn't here, please don't hesitate to contact us. We'll always do our best to offer an honest, frank and above all clear answer - without jargon and gobbledegook.


Are you UK based? Do you use offshore call / help centres?
Yes, we are a UK company and no, we do NOT use offshore call centres or help centres. You'll only be dealing with UK operatives.
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Do I build the website myself?
No! It is critical you understand this point. Many companies expect you to build your website yourself using templates and leaflets, etc. Whilst it's true that these will provide you with a web presence, they lack expert set up. A foot rub is not reflexology. A jab with a needle is not acupuncture. A packet of aspirin is no substitute for a GP. In other words what we're saying is that these companies are tricking you into believing that you don't need experience or qualifications to build a successful website. We believe you do. That's why we build your website for you, letting you do your own job, not ours. That way you can be assured that the site is built, coded and optimised to make it as successful as possible. Why buy a dog and bark yourself?
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Will you help me with the content of my site?
Of course we will, that's our job. We'll advise you on the kind of thing you should be including in your site, the sort of thing our experience has shown us that the general public and search engines like to see. You will have to provide this text, but you don't need to be a literary genius. We'll help you shape it and word it appropriately to optimise your content.
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Are there hosting / other charges?
No. After the initial set up fee, you simply pay your monthly payment. Everything else is included, so there are no additional hosting costs, etc.
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I already have a domain name. Can you help me?
Yes. We can usually arrange to host your domain name without any trouble at all. We'll advise you more about the simple process upon application.
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I already have a website. Can you help me?
Yes we can. Many people who are dissatisfied with the performance of their existing website come to us for help and improved service. Just contact us with your details.
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How do I update my Products / News Page / Courses, etc?
We provide a very easy to use control panel. If you can type a sentence in a box, select an option from a drop-down menu or click a button, you'll have no trouble with our Control Panel.
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Have I got to use all the options? I don't want the Shop / Courses / News, etc.
Obviously not. As standard you have all the services we describe, which you can use at any time. But if you don't want to use something or if it's inappropriate, you don't have to. We'll switch those services off until you're ready for them. You simply don't have to use what you don't need.
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What about similar companies? How are you different?
We are different from other companies - we care. There are others that claim to specialise in Therapy websites. Some of these may even appear cheaper. But from our experience some of these companies use Templates (standard sites with a limited selection). Often they claim to help their clients with search engines, but typically only the home page is submitted (why have 10 or more pages when only one is made known?). These same companies usually say they'll help you optimise your site, and to do this they give you confusing pamphlets to read. We reject such practices and deplore them. We are the web designers and you are the client. It is our job to build your website, optimise it, do the best we can to make your site a success, and WE do it, with every page, with enthusiasm and commitment.
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Will my website appear on Search Engines?
Yes! Unlike some other companies, we ensure that every appropriate page is coded and optimised to attract search engines, then we submit these details to over 50 search engines. Whilst it must be understood that this is not an exact science, our success rate is excellent and clientele to date have been thrilled with their results.
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